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ASA YG-978

Appearance White flowing powder or particles
Volatile Matter (%) ≤1.5
Apparent Density g/cm³ 0.30~0.50
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Product Description

YG - 978 is our self-developed ASA powder, and ternary graft copolymer which is made up of acrylonitrile (A), styrene (S) and acrylate(A). Compared with the ABS high rubber powder, due to the introduction of excluding double bond of acrylic ester rubber replaced the butadiene rubber, and weather resistance has a substantial improvement, about 10 times higher than ABS high rubber powder, other mechanical properties, processability, electrical insulation, chemical resistance character is also improved compared with ABS high rubber powder. In addition, ASA resin made from ASA high rubber powder has good coloration. Due to its excellent weather fastness, ASA resin can be dyed into various bright colors without fading easily. Products processed with ASA resin do not need surface protection such as spray painting or electroplating, but can be directly used outdoors and exposed to the sun for 9 to 15 months. The impact strength and elongation hardly decrease, and the color hardly changes.
Physical Property




White flowing powder or particles

Apparent Density   g/cm3


Particle Size %

Unpassed Rate of 10 mesh


Volatile Content %


Physical Property Parameters (Reference Ratio)

ASA Rubber Powder /S A N (80HF) : 30/70

Test Items

Test Condition【Status】

Test Methods


Test Results

Data Unit

LZOD Impact Strength


ASTM D-256




Melt Flow Index


ASTM D-1238




Tensile Strength


ASTM D-638




Rockwell Hardness


ASTM D-785≥100104.3R

Flexural Strength


ASTM D-790




Flexural Modulus


ASTM D-790




Vicar Softening Temperature (VST)


ASTM D-648




1. Application in architecture and bathroom

ASA has excellent resistance to oil and chemical corrosion, so it can be used to make sinks, drains and fittings, swimming pool pumps and filter shells, hot springs, and steps for pools. At the same time, ASA has excellent weather resistance and good color stability. It is also used to make signs, posting boxes, portable household clapboards, flowerpots, shutter frame decoration and etc..

2. Application in automobiles and motorcycles

ASA has excellent weather resistance, even after a long period of sun and rain, will not appear gray, and has excellent chemical resistance and environmental stress cracking resistance, can withstand hot water treatment and detergent cleaning. It is mainly applied to the rear mirror, radiator grille, door post decoration board, window frame, roof vent fence, streamline housing and lamp housing. ASA is also increasingly used for interiors, such as dashboards and decorative panels, as well small low-seat motorcycle and motorcycle streamlined housing have a wide range of applications, such as Honda, TVS, Suzuki and other motorcycle brands.

3. Application in electronic and electrical engineering

ASA has good weather resistance, due to outdoor place of the satellite antenna, strong winds and a changing climate can cause serious erosion of external antenna parts. Inappropriate material will rust brittle, and mobile antenna, TV aerial parts, cable connection box, satellite electronic device protection casing made by ASA well solved the problem. At the same time, because of its excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, coloring stability, excellent resistance to oil and other characteristics, ASA can be used to make washing machine panel, refrigerator handle, sewing machine, microwave oven and other household durable equipment.

4. Application in outdoor equipment and sports equipment

ASA's unique weather resistance, aging resistance, resistance to yellowing, resistance to gasoline, and unvarnished highlight fastness are widely used in horticultural irrigation equipment and gasoline-powered lawn mowers. ASA has stability and bright color, high mechanical strength, can reduce the daily impact and side impact. Special acrylate rubber formula gives the ASA good chemical resistance, particularly of detergent and gasoline to resist. Due to excellent weather resistance, ASA can maintain good use for a long time in harsh environment. So in some sports equipment and leisure products, it has been widely used.

Storage, Packaging and Transportation

This product is sealed in a woven bag lined with plastic bags, and is accompanied by the product qualification certificate.

Trademark, production name, product net weight, product batch number should be marked on the outside of the package.

This product is non-toxic, non-corrosive solid powder, belongs to the non-dangerous goods, and is transported according to the non-dangerous goods treatment, which should strictly prevent from the sun and rain. This product is stored in a cool and ventilated place, with a shelf life of one year. After one year, it can still be used if there is no change after performance measurement.